Los Angeles, California

Bio: By profession I am a violinist and concertmaster in the Hollywood studios, recording the scores to movies, video games, television series, song albums and jingles. Born in New Zealand, I moved to London at 15 years old to further my violin studies and living without my family from such a young age, I quickly learned to cook for myself experimenting with different cuisines and having dinner parties in my small flat. After 24 years in London, a marriage that ended after 9 years and my two gorgeous boys, I moved to Pasadena, California with the boys, where we have lived since 1997 with my wonderful husband, composer Bruce Broughton. The recipes are a mixture of my own inventions, recipes I love from my 1500+ collection of recipe books and ones I have found on the internet. I want to save you having to spend hours looking for the "right" recipe so you can come straight to Tastetickler to find it. I take great joy in sharing recipes that raise the bar, yet are not complicated to make. The best words I like to hear at our dining table is, "Wow, what great flavor, what's in it?" My choice of recipes is influenced by my country of birth (NZ) my country of my early career, (England) and my current home in Los Angeles. These influences combine into an exciting fusion of Pacific, Asian, European and Californian food with never-ending possibilities. I am thoroughly addicted to all things coconut, ginger, curry, lemon grass and Kaffir lime and love to combine these flavors into other cuisines. Living and working in Hollywood is fascinating and frustrating at the same time. We are out a lot at social functions, and that side of the business can be exhausting. We love to come home, shut the door and cook a great meal for ourselves and generally get back to reality! Food and home have been the stabilizer in my life from an early age, having been on my own so young and when I am stressed I will reach out for a recipe book and start cooking.

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